Partial Dentures in Greenville SC

If tooth loss is unavoidable, there are various options for replacement that can effectively restore your smile and quality of life.

Whether you’re young, old, or in-between, partial denture can help improve the way you look, feel, eat, and speak. It can even help your self-confidence.

What is a Partial Denture?

Partial denture or removable bridge is another option to replace missing teeth and adjoining tissue if you have some natural teeth remaining. The prosthesis fills in the spaces created by missing teeth and prevent other teeth from shifting position. The teeth are plastic and resin base. Removable bridges are attached to the teeth with metal clasps or by valplast clasps.

The partial has to be taken out every night and cleaned after brushing and flossing the natural teeth. Chewing will not be the same as your natural teeth but does help balance your occlusion.

What are Partial Dentures Used For?

Partial denture can help individuals with :

  • Mastication — chewing ability is improved by replacing teeth.
  • Aesthetics — provides a natural facial appearance lost due to loss of teeth. Wearing a partial replacing missing teeth provides support for the lips and cheeks, correcting the collapsed appearance that occurs after losing teeth.
  • Phonetics — replacing missing teeth helps improve pronunciation of syllables and vowels.
  • Self-esteem — patients feel better about themselves.

How Do I Repair My Partial Denture?

Over time, the prosthesis will need to be relined or new ones made, because the jaw does change and shrink over time due to loss of natural teeth. In addition, the plastic teeth on the partial do wear down faster than natural teeth. Not keeping your partial maintained and changed out in a timely manner may affect the abutment teeth holding the partial in place negatively, causing discomfort.

What are the Different Kinds of Partial Dentures?

There are different types of partials:

  • All-resin base with metal clasps
  • All-resin flexible base with valplast clasps
  • Metal framework with metal or valplast clasps
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