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Meet Dr. Huong Pham, DMD, FAGD

Dr. Huong Pham, DMD FAGD of HP Family Dentistry in Greenville, SC

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” is one of the Philosophy Dr.Pham lives by.  She understands the anxiety dentistry brings to patients and wants to help them overcome the fear and get back their dental health and smiling faces when they come into the door.

Dr. Pham has lived in Greenville, South Carolina since she was ten years old. As she was growing up, she always wanted to help people and decided to become a dentist during her senior year of Berea High. She attended Clemson University and afterwards went straight to Medical University of South Carolina.

Upon graduation from dental school in May 2006, Dr. Pham returned to 

Greenville to practice general dentistry as an associate dentist, where she continued to learn new dental techniques and how to treat and manage patients of all ages.

As Dr. Pham gains dental experience, she continues to advance her knowledge and skills with continuing education courses. In July 2011, Dr. Pham earned her Fellowship with the Academy of General Dentist after earning over 500 hours of CE and passing the Fellowship Exam.

Now ready to be on her own, Dr. Pham decided to open HP Family Dentistry to broaden her dental services as a general dentist to the community in July 2014.

Dr. Huong Pham and familyDr. Huong Pham's daughter EmilyDr. Huong Pham's daughter Emily

**Exciting Update!!***

Dr.Pham recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl Emily back in December 2017.    Emily comes to work with Dr.Pham on most days. Come by and say hello.  Emily brings joy to everyone.  Dr.Pham’s parents are very happy when they are around their 1st grandchild.  Nowadays, most of Dr.Pham’s spare time is spent with her new expanded family, enjoying the new smiling face of Emily.  

box of pastries given to Dr. Huong Pham

One of the special reminders to Dr.Pham why she loves her profession and to  keep following her heart to what’s right.


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