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My initial contact with the magnanimous folks at HP Dentistry was due to a self-induceced emergency. On a Saturday no less. My fear of dentists caused me to procrastinate a necessary procedure to the point that my tooth abscessed and became violently painful and swollen. In desperation I found, or rather sent from Heaven, Dr. Pham and her angelic crew. They handled meme with kid gloves and eased my anxiety making the whole process of my rescue an exercise in comfort. They made me a part of the plan to fix me instead of making ALL the decisions themselves and by keeping me in the loop I felt as if I had just a semblance of control. On the day of the procedure I was welcomed as if I we're a member of the family and offered every sort of comfort and distraction. The procedure was handled professionally, delicately and with great care and attention to my comfort. I was done before I knew it and was actually escorted out by the squad. It wasn't "Okay, you're done... Get out". They were there for me from start to finish. I highly recommend Dr. Pham and Angie and all the rest to friends and family. Especially to anyone suffering from dentaphobia, as I did. I actually look forward to dentist visits now.

- Glenn C

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